Marcie lay back in her favorite overstuffed leather chair, her “throne” she sometimes called it, one of her legs draped casually over my shoulder and the other bent back beneath her, offering me wide open access to her pink, puffed, glistening pussy. And smiled expectantly at me. As she always does every evening when she arrives home from work.

As always I’m on my knees in front of her, and I lean in to kiss that marvelous slit, then began to nibble around the hood at its apex. As always, she gives a slight squeal, then leans back and relaxes, her office tensions finally dissipating. She’s home at last! As is my face.

I had no reason to believe this day would be different. Her little nubbin peeked out as expected, and I diddled it with the tip of my tongue. She moaned and began to press her crotch into my face. I closed my eyes and licked and lapped that puffed, slit flesh as vigorously as I could. A few minutes later I felt her tense up, then arrive finally at her first climax of the evening. We paused, and I smiled up at her. She wanted more this time, so I resumed.

A half hour later her third — some days she could be insatiable! She’d soaked me by then — my face was drenched and my hairdo soaked, my bangs stuck on my forehead by the fluids she’d exuded and in one spasm, actually splashed out. I had to assume it was a mess — at one point she’d asked me to wipe her crotch with my hair as well as my nose and mouth. Certainly I’ll need a shampoo tonight, but I’ll wait till bedtime — it may seem rank to others, but I love her smell. My lips felt swollen, well rubbed, but they’d been puffed with collagen so it was hard to tell. She loved them that way — they looked more inviting and felt softer.

My tongue felt sore too, but when not these days?

As that third orgasm came on she clamped her thighs on my head and squeezed and screamed, “Ooooh, God, yes!” though I heard it only as if from a distance, muffled. I waited for her legs to open and release me. They relaxed. Still on my knees, I looked up at her face to see if she was ready to sigh and say finally, “Enough!”

Her eyes opened and she looked at me with deep affection, and I just glowed! Happy? “Kerry, sweetheart,” she said. “You are my dearest darling and there is no way imaginable that I will I ever leave you! We are bound for life! Remember that!”

Leave me? Remember? Now where did that come from? I already knew that much. I’d become everything she’d always wanted! And we were married!

Suddenly I felt uneasy.

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Helen’s Plan

“Denise? Honey, are you up there? C’mon down, I want you to meet someone!”

My wife Helen’s voice from downstairs! What was she doing down there? Left for work this morning and not due back home for … she’d said I shouldn’t worry if she was late, so I assumed she’d be late! And felt the urge, and took advantage! Came home early and went the distance, did everything! Fragrant bath, my prettiest bra and panties and camisole, the beautiful burnt orange cocktail dress I’d bought a few months ago at Tolliver’s Spring Closeout and never yet worn! Fingernails shaped and polished to match my lipstick, waterproof mascara, my whole face made up so carefully it’d taken almost an hour! Now, perfect! Even my perfume, just a spritz, but the floral scent surrounded me! I was gloriously, beautifully a woman!

But that voice was my wife’s! She didn’t know I did these things! She’d kill me if she saw me like this! God, could I get into the shower? … but in the middle of the afternoon? She’d …. No way! No way! I’m … caught!

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Every Friday

“So, gorgeous, where does your husband think you are when you’re actually here with me?” Craig asked.

He’d just gotten me off yet again and was trying to cool down a little, hold back, so he wouldn’t cum again too quickly himself. He wasn’t inside me for the moment — instead he’d just been sucking my tits, which seemed always to get incredibly sensitive as his lips enclosed their nipples. This lovely massive man — average body but massive where it most mattered — knew I wanted one more orgasm this session, and he knew he could provide it if he delayed his own final climax just a little bit longer. Usually, he told me, he did it by distracting himself, thinking about the weather, or ball scores, or truck rentals – – he was a building contractor. This time he was doing it by thinking about my husband. The husband he was screwing by screwing his wife. That was his style, score off the one while scoring with the other. He’d already gotten me to confess that he was the bigger man down below where it mattered, and that I came harder when he fucked me. As if that mattered. But he couldn’t stop gloating!

Guys! They like to do that kind of thing. Fuck the wife and the husband each in a different way. Kill two birds.

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Love Ya!

“Yes, Carl, I do know you’ve been feeling stressed lately, and also that you aren’t too happy with my schedule these days, my long hours at the office and my evenings with clients, and so on. But as I keep explaining, that’s the price we both have to pay if I’m to earn the money that provides you the freedom to stay home and perfect whatever this … this digital whatsis thing that obsesses you. Yes, suspicious and depressed doesn’t cover half of what you feel, I know that! You think what you wish, but I’ve got some good news for you! I’ve been talking about this situation with some people I know and I’ve got the perfect solution! The perfect anodyne, really, in a way. You take just one of these each morning, at first, no more, and then you’ll find you feel a lot better about lots of different things. By the time a week’s gone by, no more problems, or anyhow, nothing you’d consider a problem, which is the same thing after all. Oh, don’t make a fuss, baby, this is for both of us! Now open up like a great big baby bird, and … that’s it!”

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“Frannie? You home?”

“Of course, when am I not? I’ll be out in just a minute, honey. I’m fixing chicken for tonight, just getting it ready for the oven. We’re going to have a marvelous dinner!”

“Wonderful! No wonder I married you. I do love you! Though not only for your chicken!”

“I know, honey! But what brings you home on time today, if I may ask? Mostly you’ve been coming home hours and hours late, and even then your mind always seems still at the office. But here you are! Something special?”

“Special? Oh yes! Sweetheart, I quit work early so I could see Dr. Mullins before coming home. I’ve got great news for you this afternoon! For both of us, really! Ah, there you are! A kiss, sweetheart, quick, before anything else. Yes! Mmmm! That’s a darling apron, is it new? And you’ve redone your hair! It’s really lovely! Very becoming!”

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Straightened Out


I was in a far corner of the restaurant and looking in her direction — but not at her — when she spotted me. Well, not me, not at first, what she saw was her dress. There followed a moment of bafflement, her eyebrows high because she didn’t recognize the woman wearing her dress, but then her expression suddenly went guarded and her brows lowered. By that I knew April had recognized me, that the woman sitting alone across the way in the restaurant wearing her dress was me. Her husband.

I had no way of knowing when I put that dress on that it was easily identifiable, a Karl Lagerfeld unique in this town, a gift from her friend Laurie from when Laurie sold her designer dress shop and liquidated her inventory. I’d borrowed it because it was in the very front of April’s closet when I looked there for a dress upscale enough for a fancy restaurant with a waistline generous enough to fit me. Sandra, the beautician in the salon I then went to called it, a “dropped waistline,” admiring it on me as women do. “It’s perfect for slim hips like yours,” she’d added. April and I were about the same size, even in the shoulders, differing only in the gut. She had more curves.

I’ve never been a macho or hefty male, in fact my parents thought of me as ‘delicate’ when they were raising me. But as I’d looked through her dresses, it became obvious this was the only one I could wear. The others were all … well, the way April liked them, tight, form- fitting, figure-hugging, cut to display and dramatize her elegant figure, with waistlines far too narrow to fit me.

“Yes, that dress is exactly what a woman with your figure should wear, honey,” is what Sandra told me when I lied to her about why I was wearing it, telling her to do me up so no one could guess that I wasn’t born and reared female. “As for the rest of your disguise, just leave it to me. She’ll love it when she finally sees it’s you and not some gorgeous babe! What a surprise she has in store!”

Not that I wanted April ever to recognize me at all! Dressed that way? No way!

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Bad Boy


I’d been listening patiently forever, it seemed like forever, as my Mom laid out the proposal with my Dad mostly listening but occasionally interjecting things like, “Well, what did you expect?” and “You brought it on yourself!” and sometimes angrily, “Don’t interrupt your mother, just listen, young man!” Finally she stopped talking, and we all three sat silent for a while.

I finally found my breath. I was furious, beside myself, but this wasn’t the best time to show it, so I just shouted out in an injured voice, “Mom! How could you think I’d ever agree to that? No way! Noooo way! I won’t do it!”

The two of them glanced at each other. Mom let out a long sigh, then wearily looked down at the kitchen table, studying the sugar bowl. Dad sat silent, glaring unhappily into the middle distance. Neither of them was willing to look me in the eye. My God, I suddenly realized, this was not like the other times. This one was real bad!

A long pause. “Can you think of any alternative, Sam?” my Dad asked me quietly, sadly.

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Laura’s Birthday

“Well, I’m here, Laura. Denise took longer than she thought, but finally she … well, this is what you wanted! So, happy birthday sweetheart, a very happy birthday!”

“Ahh, I beg your pardon, Miss, but do I know …? Oh! Oh my God! Is that you, Monty? It is! Oh, Monty, you’re … gorgeous! Just gorgeous! I never dreamed you’d look so wonderful when you finally got yourself all dolled up!”

“I must say, you look marvelous too, honey — you’ve gotten yourself done up too I see! Well, it’s an occasion — why not? But … uhh, now that I’ve done it, I’m … well, I’m a little uneasy out here in public. I mean, everyone can see me. So can we go …?”

“Oh, my, uneasy? How can that be? Sweetheart, you’re … well, you’re perfect! I mean not just lovely, you’re really beautiful! How wonderful! Just look at you!”

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I was still groggy when my eyes opened, but I managed to blink a few times and then keep them open. No use, I was still hallucinating. I still imagined I was surrounded by beautiful girls. Each time I opened my eyes there they were. Five or more beautiful, scantily clad young women seated across from me at a big sunny table in a big sunny kitchen. Chatting casually together while eating toast and cereal and drinking coffee. Doing all the usual things girls would do when they’re having breakfast together, touching each other, giggling, passing the jar of honey. They all had long, loose, wavy hair, though they were mixed blondes and brunettes, and one of them was redheaded. What seemed odd for girls having breakfast together, they all were wearing lipstick and eye liner, very little but just enough so their faces looked … as perfect as their long, scarlet-tipped fingernails. Flawlessly beautiful!

Not to be believed!

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Girl Friday

Even before I met her, Sharon’s Friday evenings were her own. Hers. Not mine or ours, hers and her girlfriends’. Every Friday they’d meet and do whatever it is girls do. I never knew exactly what — play cards I supposed, or swap recipes, trade shopping experiences, dish dirt about absent friends, whatever women do when there are no men around to inhibit or distract them. She explained to me early on that it’s been that way with her friends and their friends since even before college. Nothing personal, just how things were.

I found that out when I first came over one Friday and she simply walked out on me. It was friendly enough. We were colleagues, we did similar things in different offices of the same firm, and we took to lunching together to compare notes. Management thought we made a good team so they sometimes sent us out to represent the firm at conventions, or on out-of-town sales trips. So we saw a lot of each other in different circumstances, and gradually got to know each other pretty well. She was more venturesome than me, more daring and impatient. I’m more cautious, more of a detail man, careful with the follow through. So we provided each other with what the other needed, and came to appreciate and trust each other.

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